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Screw Jack Lifting Systems

Screw Jack Lifting Systems Introductions
Screw jack lifting systems simultaneously lifting, is not only for the simple load-supporting from several kilograms to heavy duty several hundreds tons, but also have other features such as self-locking without brake or locking mechanism, precisely position, easy installation and operation, maintenance free, can be operated by hand wheels, 3-phase motor or both. Screw jack lifting systems accessories such as screw jacks, bevel gearboxes, 3-phase motors, hand wheels, flexible couplings, connecting shafts and pillow blocks.
Screw Jack Lifting Systems Efficiency
* Two screw jack lifting systems 95%. 
* Three screw jack lifting systems 90%. 
* Four screw jack lifting systems 85%.
* Six screw jack lifting systems 80%.  
* Eight screw jack lifting systems 80%. 
* Note: don't ignore bevel gearboxes efficiency 95~98%.