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JSS Stainless Steel Screw Jack

Stainless Steel Screw acks Features:
Jacton stainless steel screw jacks models JSS-1T, JSS-2.5T, JSS-5T, JSS-10T, JSS-15T, JSS-20T, JSS-25T, JSS-35T. These stainless steel screw jacks are specifically designed for positioning and lifting applications that are located in wet, corrosive and harsh environments. These stainless steel screw jacks use a stainless steel input worm shaft with a high strength bronze worm gear. Load capacities for stainless steel screw jacks range from 1 ton to 35 ton. Translating, anti-rotation (keyed) and rotating screw configurations, upright and inverted screw design types, 3 gear ratios and single screw lead as standard, special custom designs available.

All exposed surfaces and components are manufactured from stainless steel 304 materials.
1. Lifting screw: stainless steel 304
2. Input worm shaft: stainless steel 304
3. Worm gear or travelling nut: bronze
4. Housing: stainless steel 304
5. Bearings: bearing steel as standard. If underwater application, required stainless steel 304 bearing
6. Covers of input worm shaft: stainless steel 304
7. Top covers of housing: stainless steel 304
8. Protective tube: stainless steel 304
9. Locking screws: stainless steel 304
10. Lifting screw ends (top plate, clevis end, threaded end, plain end, fork end or rod end): stainless steel 304
11. Motor flanges: stainless steel 304