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SJA-Series Aluminum Screw Jack

JACTON is able to design and supply screw jacks, in different configurations and with different accessories, even motorized, conveniently robust for cargo handling and application of longitudinal forces. Our screw-jacks can be produced with a stainless steel casing, for loads or pressures from 1 to 35 tons, or with a case in aluminum, for loads comprised between 0.25 tons to 2.5 tons. The worm is made of hardened steel. The threaded shaft is made of steel. The wheel (or nut) is made of anti-friction bronze. Aluminum screw jacks for light duty, Anodized aluminum housing. Cubic type in the compact design Screw Translating, keyed screw for anti-rotation (keyed screw jack), and nut stravelling are avaiable. Hygienic applications like Filling, Food, Pharmaceutical And Beverage industries.