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K Helical Bevel Gearbox

Worm gear screw jacks with K Helical Bevel Gearbox can get lower rotate speed and bigger torque to drive. K Helical Bevel Gearbox is adopt two pairs bevel gears and a pair helical drive ,make the input and output submitting a right angle. Helical bevel drives ,big superposition factor ,strong carrying capacity, drive balanced and credible. all gear adopt alloy steel cementite quench, high hardness, good grinding capability. 

K Helical Bevel Gearbox Models
1. K37, K47, K57, K67, K77, K87, K97, K107, K127, K157, K167.    
2. K127R87, K157R97, K167R97, K187R97, K157R107, K167R107, K187R107.   
3. KA37, KA47, KA57, KA67, KA77, KA87, KA97, KA107, KA127, KA157.
4. KA127R87, KA157R97, KA167R97, KA187R97, KA157R107, KA167R107, KA187R107.
5. KAB37, KAB47, KAB57, KAB67, KAB77, KAB87, KAB97, KAB107, KAB127, KAB157, KAB167, KAB187.
6. KAB127R87, KAB157R97, KAB167R97, KAB187R97, KAB157R107, KAB167R107, KAB187R107.
7. KAF37, KAF47, KAF57, KAF67, KAF77, KAF87, KAF97, KAF107, KAF127, KAF157.
8. KAF127R87, KAF157R97, KAF167R97, KAF187R97, KAF157R107, KAF167R107, KAF187R107.
9. KAT37, KAT47, KAT57, KAT67, KAT77, KAT87, KAT97, KAT107, KAT127, KAT157.
10. KAZ37, KAZ47, KAZ57, KAZ67, KAZ77, KAZ87, KAZ97, KAZ107, KAZ127, KAZ157, KAZ167, KAZ187.
11. KAZ127R87, KAZ157R97, KAZ167R97, KAZ187R97, KAZ157R107, KAZ167R107, KAZ187R107.
12. KF37, KF47, KF57, KF67, KF77, KF87, KF97, KF107, KF127, KF157.
13. KF127R87, KF157R97, KF167R97, KF187R97, KF157R107, KF167R107, KF187R107.
* K: Foot-mounted helical bevel geared motor with solid shaft.
* KA: Helical bevel geared motor with hollow shaft.
* KAB: Foot-mounted helical bevel geared motor with hollow shaft.
* KF: Flange-mounted helical geared motor with solid shaft.
* KAF: Flange-mounted helical geared motor with hollow shaft.
* KAT: Short Flange-mounted helical geared motor with hollow shaft.
* KAZ: Torque-arm-mounted helical geared motor with hollow shaft.

K Helical Bevel Gearbox Features
1. Torque Range: Up to 60000Nm
2. Input Power Rating: 0.18kW to 200kW
3. Ratio: 5.36 to 16000
4. Input Configuration: IEC motor adapter, solid shaft.
5. Output Configuration: solid with key, hollow shaft with key-way, hollow shaft with shrink disk, hollow shaft, hollow shaft with flange, solid shaft with flange, as well as can customized according to customer's requirements.
6. Mounting solution: flange mounted, foot mounted, torque arm mounted
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