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Electric Motors

Electric Motors Introductions
JACTON standard motor mounts allow direct coupling to the motor shaft on either the right or the left side of the screw jacks input shafts. These assemblies are available for all screw jacks sizes. Non-standard motor mounts can be designed for special requirements including special couplings, NEMA frame motors, DIN standard motors, hydraulic motor, pneumatic motor, stepper motor and servomotor designs. 
All standard motors are 3-phase, 50Hz, 220/380 VAC, and single phase, 50Hz, 220V. Custom all oversea counstries 3-phase voltage and 50hz/60hz. For all screw jacks maximum premissible 1800 RPM input. All motors are rated for continuous duty. All standard motors mounting types include B3 foot mount, B5 flance mount and B14 face mount. Mounting IEC Frame Sizes 56 up to 180, 50Hz 4 Pole (1500 rpm) and 6 Pole (1000rpm), 60Hz 4 Pole (1800 rpm) and 6 Pole (1200rpm). Note: Ball Screw Jacks are self-lowering. A brake of sufficient torque is required to hold the load with a ball screw jack. Be sure to verify that the brake motor selected has sufficient brake torque for your application. It is important to consider the input torque a direct drive motor must diliver at start up. Note: Calculating screw jacks input shafts input torque following Calculation Formulas pages of Technical Supports.
Note: Our 3-phase motor voltage is 220V/380V 50Hz. If your service 3-phases voltage is difference, must be marked in your order documents, otherwises, will use 3-phases 380V as the standard.

Electric Motors Specifications and Drawing Dimensions