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1-Ton Aluminum Screw Jack

Manufacture and sale miniature jack screws, light weight machine screw jack, mini screw jack lifting, micro worm gear screw lifter, corrosion resistant screw jack. 1-Ton Aluminum Screw Jack meets your application requirements and cost effective solution, low cost, in stock and ready to ship. Request a quote now!


1. Maximum static load 10 kN, 1000kg.
2. Compact cubic gearbox. Anodized aluminum housing.
3. Self locking acme screw Tr 20x4.
4. Gear ratios 5:1, 20:1.
5. Custom-made stroke 10-1500mm.
6. Screw end types: top plate, clevis end, threaded end, plain end, forked head and rod end.
7. Screw configuration: translating screw, anti-rotation keyed screw, rortating screw design.
8. Power source: hand wheel manual operation or electric motor driven.
9. Single unit or multiple units screw jack lifting system arrangements.

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